I support you as consultant or developer in your ideas and projects. Independent and critical thinking and endeavours for a better use of learning and innovation potentials guide my work, including the recognition of diverse perspectives and acknowledgement of different interests and trade-offs. I assist all forms of positioning, reflection and ideas generation for impactful actions in an ever more complex world.


My offer in the thematic area of Sustainable Development grounds in long-lasting activities in diverse mandates and collaborations. I am guided by my respect for available expertise and competences in heterogeneous groups (resourceful humans) and my fondness to apply innovative methods for using their resources optimally.

As board member of sahee foundation – sustainability for agriculture, health, education and environment (since 2016) I provide review and enabling guidance for projects and processes for sustainable development funded in Eswatini, Southern Africa, and Peru, Latin America.

Since 2012, I have been an active delegate in the Parents’ Council of the Hirslanden Schools in Zurich Hirslanden. I see great value for a resilient community in this voluntary as well as institutionalised body that contributes to a enabling school culture and exchanges among parents, pupils, teachers, school board members, and the school administration of the district. In 2017, I took over the role as Chair of the Parents’ Council, where I try to formulate and mediate needs, expectations and concerns in the complex school system of today.

As executive director of the Swiss Academic Society of Environmental Research and Ecology saguf (2010–2016), as board member of saguf (since 2010) and member of numerous working groups (since 2006) I organise events and co-author contributions, in which the concept of sustainable development and opportunities of societal learning and progress are core. Since 2012, behind the scene, I am taking care of the finances and accounting of saguf and am providing support in acquiring third-party funds.

Together with Dr. Anaïs Sägesser I acted as coach in the first IDEA League Doctoral School on «Ageing and Sustainability» (2012-2013) with 25 doctoral students of Europe’s leading technical universities. This mandate included the design and implementation of a tailored coaching for the students during three modules in Aachen, Tokyo and Delft. It involved the facilitation of 1) group processes for interdisciplinary collaboration and ii) an ideas market (online and face-to-face) for the development of business and research ideas for responding to the challenges of ageing societies.

From 2010–2014, I provided support for enhancing competences in sustainable development in the Climate-KIC Summer School (2010-2013) and the Critical Thinking Initiative at ETH Zürich (2014). At the core were the use and reflection of diverse perspectives and the wealth of ideas by actors from science, industry, start-up and administration.


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