Exchange enables novelty...
Science means to engage with the unknow ...
An occasional view on the ocean is what I do not want to miss ...

My offer

Are you looking for specific intellectual and hands-on energy for your projects?
Do you want to use unconventional opportunities for exchange for social learning and development?

My services are as follows:

Consulting – energising and enabling

I support you as consultant in translating and implementing your ideas, concepts and products.

Education – knowledge-based and cosmopolitan

I support you as developer and coordinator in designing your education projects.

Contributions and review – founded and accomplished

I support you as collaborator, speaker, facilitator, reviewer or administrator in projects, events or publications.

About me

I am curious, mindful about resources and agile. With these qualifications I am creating and designing productive and high-quality collaborations with systems reference.

I am both realist and idealist: As realist I am aware of the modesties of our actions and their limits in dominant paradigms – passiveness, silence and renunciation are none of my preferred options.

As idealist I believe in a continuous transformation for a better world and in the opportunities offered by specific challenges when pushing borders – interaction, dialogue and experimentation are important for me.


«Ich schätze die unterstützende, anpackende, jederzeit initiative Art und Weise wie Claudia Zingerli an ihre vielfältigen Aufgaben herangeht sowie ihre intellektuellen Fähigkeiten, auch mit sehr herausfordernden inhaltlichen Arbeiten gekonnt umzugehen.»
saguf-Vorstandsmitglied, 2016

«I admire the strength and positive energy with that Claudia Zingerli was guiding from the background.»
CCES Winter School participant, 2013

«Claudia Zingerli is exceptionally well organised, hard-working and diligent. She is creative in her approach to management and leadership and is sensitive to the dynamics of multinational groups. Her insights into learning and especially how to set up environments in which the learning occurs through doing rather than lecturing are exceptional.»
Director Climate-KIC UK, 2013